Paint and/or Create with Laura

Folk Art: art of the everyday rooted in traditions & experiences that come from community and influenced by cultural identity, that encompasses a range of utilitarian and decorative media including cloth, wood, paper, clay, metal, canvas, and more.

Community Folk Arts was conceived as way for me to take a break from my life as a school counselor, a one-year sabbatical venture centered around building community in the arts in Burien.  I did it to be healthy, and it worked!  By sabbatical end, over 70 local artists and uncounted community members participated in the venture, sharing their work, teaching and taking classes, and sharing songs.  It was truly wonderful!  At this point, Community Folk Arts lives on through private paint and/or create parties.  If you're interested, just shoot me a message, and we'll work it out!  


Nothing brings me peace as much as painting and playing music.  And nothing brings me joy more than connecting with people.  It is my hope to share that peace and that joy with you.  Join me, or invite me to join you!  - Laura Bermes, owner


Laura Bermes

Laura Bermes, the proprietor of Community Folk Arts, is native to Michigan, but deeply rooted here in the PNW.  She's a musician, a song-writer, an artist, a mother, a friend, and a School Counselor.  Laura started this businesses as a sabbatical venture as a way to regain her sense of well-being, running a small art gallery / arts center in Burien.  At this point, Laura is back to her work as educator, but still enjoying creating, singing, and connecting with community.    


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